Digimon Tigers: Blue is Upcoming Series.

Episodes Edit

  1. The Battle Voltron For Digivolve (Part One)
  2. The Battle Voltron For Digivolve (Part Two)
  3. Koh a Chased
  4. Lightingmon is Strikes Falls!
  5. No Alarm
  6. Champion Gym Player Aqua
  7. Rival Destines
  8. MonkeyGrazimon Applased
  9. Enter Henry Wong!
  10. Revenge for the DarkGreymon (Part One)
  11. Revenge for the DarkGreymon (Part Two)
  12. Gatomon X is the Fly
  13. MetalLifeKuwagamon Attack!
  14. Battle City
  15. Death Match!
  16. Pegasusmon X's Makes
  17. The Battle Question Begin!
  18. The Dark Side on Lucemon
  19. Pegasusmon vs. DarkGreymon
  20. The Final Battle For Voltron
  21. The End!

Digi-Egg Voltron Digivolution is evolve voltron.

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