Mojyamon is the Blue Shock member. partner on Koh


Apperances: Edit

Digimon TigersEdit

  • Sinduramon is Back
  • Thundermon & Lightingmon
  • Chakkumon of Ice
  • Egg Right Cake
  • Caturamon Is On Attack
  • MolehillPatamon
  • Island of Float Veemon
  • SkullPegasusmon
  • Koh and Pulsa & J.P.
  • The Mysterious TV Forest
  • A Hunka Hunka WarGarurumon
  • Terriermon Active
  • Better An Egg Than An Egg Shell
  • Korikakumon of Light
  • Ponchomon in the Face!
  • Aurumon is Evil
  • Wizardmon & Gatomon
  • End of the Line

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